Tuesday 15th January, 2019 - MissKick gets Accelerated!

Hi guys,

Grace again. I have some more exciting news... myself and MissKick have been accepted onto cohort for the AccelerateME 2019 course! What does this mean you ask? Well AccelerateME is a 12 week business start up programme, that comes with funding, office space, mentorship and professional help. 125 start ups applied, and I was in the selected 15! I'm really excited about being on this programme, as I'll be based in Manchester, with other student startups just like me, so hoping to learn some vital skills to help grow MissKick in 2019.

To find out more here's the website https://www.accelerateme.co... It all kicks off on Friday 1st Feb (excuse the pun), so make sure you are following our Instagram to keep updated with all the goings on in MissKick HQ! @MissKick_UK.

(btw the picture on the left is not the most flattering picture of me... I'd just gone through a gruelling 8 hour selection process, and just come out of pitching my idea.) Ha!

Grace x

Monday 3rd December, 2018

SSE Graduation - I did it!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, final year of University is catching up with me!

I just wanted to share with you that I graduated my School For Social Entrepreneurs start up programme. It was here that I formed my idea for MissKick and I learnt vital skills such as marketing, pitching and understanding my business model.

The SSE help 1,000 people a year develop the skills, strengths and networks needed to tackle some of society’s biggest problems. They run courses that equip people to start, scale and strengthen organisations that make a positive difference. If ever the opportunity arises to apply for a SSE course, I couldn't recommend them enough. Without applying for the course, I wouldn't have sparked an idea for MissKick - and imagine a world without MissKick! - haha.

I just wanted to take this time as well to say I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you to every single person who has supported me. I am thankful for every single like, comment and purchase. Here's to 2019!

Grace x

Thursday 18th October, 2018

Emilie Revitt - Blog post 2!


Hope you all enjoyed the first blog and welcome to blog 2! Apologies for this blog only being a short one, blog 3 will make up for this I promise! Firstly, I just want to say a big thank you; the support and reaction to blog 1 was AMAZING!

So, let’s have a catch up shall we! Since Blog 1, I’ve continued to work as hard as possible to keep as much strength in my quadriceps and hamstrings. This is to ensure that, post surgery, all strength isn’t lost in my left leg. Obviously with the extent of my injury I can’t go to the gym and do normal exercises that I would usually do... but there are different exercises that I can do at home with different objects from around the house. I’ve included them at the bottom of this post.These exercises can be used at any point during ACL rehabilitation or can be used for general strength and conditioning of the leg muscles! If you have any questions or queries about the exercises, please get in touch via my instagram account found below :)

Good News! Since the Iast time I posted, I have had my first operation! However, after a meeting with my consultant, and due to my knee needing quit a lot doing in terms of surgery to correct it, I will be having two separate operations three months apart instead of one big operation. The first of the two will consist of me having the metal work removed from the previous operation. These gaps will need a bone graft to stabilise the bone and my leg, secondly, they will be reconstructing my MPFL ligament and stitching my lateral meniscus and then within the second operation, 3 months after, I will be having my ACL reconstructed. Then the rehab begins!

I know this has only been a short blog! But I will be back with you guys soon post op and ready to hit my rehab hard! Hope you guys are all okay and looking after yourselves!

Looking forward to the next blog!


(Instagram: @Emilie_Revitt)

Thursday 4th October 2018

Emilie Revitt's Story - inspiring girls who are injured...

Hi Girls,

I'd like you all to meet a very good friend of mine, Emilie, who has bravely chosen to share her journey of recovery with us. Sadly, being injured is a part of football, and something that all players will have to deal with - some more than others. As girls, we are more prone to knee injury and I am sure that you will all know at least one person who has had the 'dreaded' ACL injury. But what me and Em are trying to do is to show you girls that being injured is okay and, no matter how long it takes, recovery is possible. Also, if that you are going through the rehabilitation process that you are not alone. Many girls up and down the country will be in the same position as you and we want to create a 'girl squad' that is supportive of one another's journey. So here is Blog Post Number 1!

If you would like to reach out and speak about your story then get in touch! Email me at grace@misskick.com - us girls are strong! But what makes us even stronger is when we come together!


Heeeeey guys! My names Emilie Revitt, I’m 22 years old and I’m originally from North Wales! Firstly, before I go into detail, I just want to say a big thank you to my very good friend Grace V of MissKick for allowing me to work so closely with such an amazing brand and company!

So, this is my first written blog! Within these blogs I’m going to be showing the other side to football…injuries. Within the past 3 years I have suffered two serious knee injuries. These blogs are to show young inspiring female footballers that it is perfectly okay to be injured and the importance of looking after yourself when injured, to make getting back to the sport even easier! I’m going to take you through my surgeries, my rehabilitation and all the ups and downs that come with these injuries just to show you that it is OK and its not the end of the world!

Where do I start hey? Well a bit about me first, like I said I’m 22, I am originally from Rhyl in North Wales. I played football from the age of 4, at the start I played for boy’s teams until I was 14 which is then when I had to play for girl’s teams due to the gender difference in the sport. I played for Kinmel Bay Girls for 7 amazing seasons in that time playing nationally for Wales and scoring a number of goals for my country. When I was 16, I then went and played for Liverpool Ladies FC where I stayed for 5 seasons, however during my 4thseason at Liverpool I suffered my first serious knee injury.

August 16th 2015, Man City away in a pre-season friendly, it’s during this game I ruptured my ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), torn my MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament), torn my patella tendon and fractured my Lateral head. As you can see from the list, that’s quite a lot to do during one injury, but unfortunately that’s what happened and I just had to get on with things.

Fast forwarding now to 2018, after getting over my first surgery and through the rehabilitation I now feel in myself that I am able to get back to playing. June 2018, I signed for F.C United of Manchester Ladies, everything was going great and I was enjoying my football again, however on August 6thagainst Brighouse Ladies in a pre-season friendly, the unthinkable happens again. Instantly I knew this was my ACL, the pain was too familiar. Following the injury, I received an MRI scan in order to determine what was going on inside my knee. After a tense wait I was to find out that I had ruptured my ACL again but this time slightly more again with a ruptured MPFL, torn MCL and a torn Lateral Meniscus. For me now, my aim is to focus on my future and to tackle my recovery so that I can fulfil my career as a teacher.

Even though this is my first written blog, I will also be doing some vlogs along the journey to help you guys see this injury through my eyes and to show you the goings on! I hope you’ve enjoyed the first written blog and I’ll check back in very soon to give you some updates about my surgery that’s coming up very very soon! If you would also like to follow my journey through my own social media feel free to give me a follow!

Thank you for reading and speak to you soon!

Instagram – @Emilie_Revitt

Twitter – @EmilieRevitt_

Thursday 27th October, 2018

This Girl Can Campaign

Hey Everyone, Grace again!

I just wanted to share with you all how excited that I am to be a part of the #ThisGirlCan campaign! This Girl Can is a celebration of active women who are doing their thing no matter how well they do it, how they look, or even how red their faces get (if you know me, you know how red my face can get!). Funded by the National Lottery and developed by Sport England, their aim is to help women overcome the fear of judgement that is stopping too many women and girls from joining in.

This is a big one for me... I always felt like that I was being judged for being a girl and wanting to play football, especially when I was younger. I remember being in Primary School and always wanting to play with the boys but was too scared about what people would think of me. So when I heard about the campaign I was so thrilled that I was asked to be a part of it. I want to show girls that it's okay to love football and want to play. Football is as much of a sport for girls at it is boys and we shouldn't let the fear of judgement stop something that we enjoy. You can read my story on their website http://www.thisgirlcan.co.uk/stories/grace/ - MissKick even gets a little mention. I'm hoping that this will be another avenue to inspire girls to try out football. What do you guys think?

Grace x 

Date: Tuesday 11th September, 2018

Equal Focus Football Win Preseason Giveaway!

A company that provides opportunities for girls in football won our preseason giveaway this week. Equal Focus Football (EFF) set up by Charlton Athletic star, Amber Stobbs, bagged new footballs, equipment and MissKick tshirts after her girls at her football camp delivered the best goal celebration!

Based in London, EFF offer 'girls only' football camps which run alongside Mark Noble Football Camps. Their next one will be running from the 24th October - 26th October.To book on, head over to their website http://equalfocusfootball.com/services/

We hope that our first contribution to growing girls and women's football has a real impact and we are able to help more teams and organisations similar to EFF. Keep posted for more competitions, games and giveaways!

Date: Monday 27th August, 2018

MissKick gets personal!

We are now offering FREE PERSONALISATION when you order 10 or more tshirts. Our tshirts are perfect for match day travel, training, warming up or even as a little gift for your team!

To redeem this offer, please contact us via one of our social media platforms or email Grace at grace@misskick.com. 

Date: Thursday 16th August, 2018

Think you have got what it takes to be a brand ambassador?

We are on the look out for a selection of girls to become MissKick Brand Ambassadors. This means you get FREE MissKick products as well as commission on the sales you make!


Check out our Instagram @MissKick_UK for all the details. (There's a link to our Instagram account at the bottom right hand corner this page!!)

Date: Tuesday 31st July, 2018

Our biggest competition yet has just been launched! You could win a prize worth over £300 for you and your team mates! Have you entered yet?

All you have got to do is send us in a video of your team's best goal celebration? Either post it to our Facebook page or tag us in it on Instagram or Twitter at @MissKick_UK and use the hashtag #MissKickChallenge.

Good Luck!!

Date: Thursday 12th July, 2018

We made the newspaper! Did you see us?

Date: Thursday 28th June, 2018

Skem Athletic Tournament - MissKick Launch 2018!

Last weekend saw the launch of MissKick at the Skem Athletic National Girls Tournament. I was super excited (as well as super nervous!) about being there and finally putting out my first lot of t-shirts. But it went extremely well - you girls got me! When speaking with you all, the thing that stood out to me was that you too felt like there wasn't enough for girls football. MissKick is all about raising the profile of the women's game, as well as empowering and inspiring girls to break society's boundaries around stereotypes in girls football. It was lovely to know I had your support and you believed in what MissKick was trying to tackle. Oh I forgot to mention as well - we was interviewed by Sky Sports!

Thank you all who came over and said hello! It was nice to speak to so many of you from all over the country who just loved playing football! You looked great in your MissKick tshirts and I'm loving all the pictures you are sending in to me. I am really looking forward to what MissKick could become. My next step is to try and attend more girls football events over the summer as well as prepare some new exciting products for the up and coming 18/19 season.

I'll keep you all updated on my progress on here!

Grace X