Hello and welcome to MissKick!

I'm Grace, a 21 year old student and Company Director of MissKick - the brand for female footballers.

I wanted to create something to empower girls in football and to inspire other girls who may not have considered football to try it out. As a girl who has grown up playing football, I understand that because I am a girl, I have to work that little bit harder to gain recognition or opportunities in football. Men's football is such a huge part of our culture and it often made me feel a little left out or forgotten about. I was making the same sacrifices, putting in the same effort, getting the same cuts and bruises (and often the odd broken bone!) but I still didn't feel I had the same recognition that a boy in the same position as me would have.

That's why I have started MissKick, a brand specifically for girls in football. I wanted to create something that all girls in football could be a part of and support - whether that be the girl pushing to make the England squad or the girl who likes a kick about on the field with her mates. It's about creating a brand that is inclusive and supportive of all girls so that every girl can feel comfortable to enjoy and engage with the sport.

So much has improved for women's football; there is more coverage in the media, bigger crowds and girls turning their passion into a career. There's role models for young girls to look up to and inspire to be - something I didn't really have growing up. However, I believe more could be done to speed this process up. If we can unite all girls in football under one brand to raise awareness and funds for girls football, then I honestly believe we could make a real difference for the next generation.

I envision MissKick to be more than just a clothing brand. I want to develop MissKick football academies, tournaments and coaching courses - JUST FOR GIRLS. But for now, I have started off with t-shirts! All our t-shirts are £12 with £1 going directly back to girls grassroots football. At the end of the t-shirt campaign, the money will be collated and a decision will be made. I want to buy girls teams the newest kit and training equipment or fund girls to go on coaching or refereeing courses. And I can only do it with your help - my fellow female footballers.

So get involved! I hope that by speaking about my story it will inspire other girls to talk about theirs and to be a part of the MissKick campaign to create better opportunities for girls in football. I want girls to be proud to be a girl AND a footballer. So that's my little intro to you! Keep scoring them screamers, winning them 50/50's and putting in them worldie saves!

Grace X